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Rules are supposed to make our game balanced and all players are equal, so to protect your rights, you need to read the rules.
You understand and don't violate the rules. The rules protect you!

Rules list
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    • Mapwalking is prohibited (First slay, Second time ban for 5/10 minutes) Leo 2018-09-04
    • Voice communication purpose are to talk, not to play music ,ban from 1 day till month, year, forever! Leo 2018-09-05
    • Max allowed fps 144! If you use more you will be punished! Leo 2018-09-13
    • Cheating and using "unfair" scripts/programs/dll's/alias and any other 3rd party softwares are prohibited (permanent) Shakalaka 2018-09-06
    • In Bomb maps Terrorists are not allowed to camp. In Hostage maps Counter-Terrorists are not allowed to camp. Shakalaka 2018-09-06
    • Ingame chat isn't for abusing, spamming, offending Players (gag/kick/ban 10 min max) Shakalaka 2018-09-06
    • Advertising other servers is prohibited (permanent) Shakalaka 2018-09-06
    • In mapvote there's should be atleast 2 maps! Shakalaka 2018-09-06
    • Greanade rebuy isn't allowed. Unless from vip menu once and from buy menu once. Shakalaka 2018-09-06
    • Wargod scan rules. Everyone has right to have 10minutes to complete the scan, if you leave server then you're automatically bann Shakalaka 2018-09-06
    • "Farming" in any way isn't allowed Shakalaka 2018-09-06
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