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Authorized Soldier

Borderland Games

Master Guardian I Owner


Authorized Soldier

Borderland Games

Master Guardian I Owner
Information and inventory
Rank Master Guardian I

Clan Borderland Games

Points 5,447

Money $45

Coin 6,009
Weapon Skins 76

Materials 20

Graffiti 22

Trading OFF
Achievements and medals

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Hoodie 15 days ago

all just want to take skins from u owner

it is fireball 30 days ago

goodgame am play this game two years and am love this server am play here 12hours radio.pngrap.pngrap.pngrap.pngrap.png

The_Strom_LT 1 month ago

Sveikas, priziurek savo serva, nes adminai ka nori daro :)

dem1 1 month ago

on trade nxj go trada m4 hermeus on m4 hellfire

KoZoFsKy 2 months ago

SW, king of Bordrland i miss you and the server <3 =-(

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