Protect your account 2x!

by Borderland Games Owner on Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Make your account more protected with few clicks!

Go to account setting -> change nickname

If you made this, congratulations your account now protected 2x!

it is fireball 4 months ago

thx leo :) grrr.pnggrrr.pnggrrr.pnggrrr.pnghallowen.pnghallowen.pngjoker.pngjoker.png

it is fireball 4 months ago

yes am make account

it is fireball 4 months ago

hello guys it is me fireball am want verfy my acc

KoZoFsKy 4 months ago

DoNis help me to make account :) rofl.png

KoZoFsKy 4 months ago

ok, THANKS SO MUCH <3 =)

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